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> MHDns 1.0.3 VB6 source (ftp)
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MHDns is a dynamic DNS client/server package.  

Dynamic DNS client/servers redirects a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to your IP address. (for example: -> your current IP) So gets directed to your computer. The reason for wanting to do this is so you can setup a web page, ftp site, or just connect to your home computer if your out.


Current release is 1.5 (released December 17, 2000)

UPDATE June 27/2001 - Yeah I'm still around. Been very busy lately. I'm going to start development up again. I have received a few emails from some people that have implemented their own features, which will hopefully be in the next version. I have also put up a link with the VB6 source for the windows client. I haven't gotten rid of the mswinsck.ocx problem yet, if someone else wants to work on it and send me an update or whatever, it'd be greatly appreciated :)

Why should I use MHDns?

 The problem with all the other programs, is they use the web or TCP in order to update your DNS record. Which consumes alot of CPU and bandwidth. My program takes advantage of a protocol that uses less system resources and bandwidth. The protocol that I'm talking about is UDP. It simply sends a single packet to the 'server', in that packet, it has a name and a password. The server then checks the validation on the name and password, and if correct, updates the record entry for that user.



Here is a list of some of the features MHDns has.

  • Templates so you can specify which hosts should be updated
  • Automatically writes a proper SOA and serial numbers
  • Daemon mode allows mhdns to run in the background all the time and detect when your IP changes
  • Gives you status of whether or not the dns entry was updated successfully


The current link for downloading MHDns is

The source for 1.5 is available via www or via ftp

The windows client v1.0.3 is available via www or via ftp

The source for the windows client will be released shortly

Contacting the Author

If for some strange reason you'd like to get ahold of me, to tell me about bugs/features/problems/just to say hi. Send email to: with a containing the words "MHDNS" (My mail program filters my mail for me, its easier to sift through emails)

If you find a bug or would like to make a suggestion, email it to: